Struggling... layering...

Continuing with my self imposed challenge, on layer week I bring you:
-Marc Segal brown skirt
-Insolite cream blouse with turquoise lines
-Oscar Jeans brown sleeveless top
-Textile pin
-Green pumps with black bow by Lela Rose for Payless
- Urban Expression tan XXL bag


Penny said...

This outfit is very whimsical which is why I love it. I think you do great at layering:)

Lorena said...

Hi Penny, thanks for stopping by and for the compliment.. :o)

Anonymous said...

I love these shoes and I think that you are doing well at layering! It is a great way to remix items of clothing.

Lorena said...

Thanks Rose, to be honest I stare at the closet with an empty stare for hours before I pick anything.... hopefully with this exercise I will improve my layering skills.