The most basic layering ever..

Simple layering: this is the only one I can pull off, mostly because I did not even know it was layering until recently...
-Gap brown trousers
-Carven blue shirt
-Colorful Rock brown belt
-Newport News yellow tank top
-Urban Expression tan XXL bag
-Green Peep to
es from Payless
-Jade and pearl ring from Chadwick's (yes, Chadwick's)
-Green rock necklace and bracelet (gift H brought back from Brazil)


Penny said...

You know, I saw that bag in one of your original posts about it....that bag is sooo hot it's not even funny.

Lorena said...

Thanks ! It´s actually HUGE.
I picked it up on a site called BAGHAUS about two months ago.
It has sooo many pockets, I usually can´t find my keys.

Fell4fashion said...

I'm with Penny, LOVING that bag!!!!