A little normal

Black trousers Levi's pull up - Red sweatshirt United Colors of Benneton vintage
Green suede loafers Zara - Raffia hand bag Missoni

These days have seemed a bit normal.

We can actually go to work and be outside until dawn. 

At this point we must celebrate the small things. 


Sheila said...

That's great news! Yay! I fear my part of the world will have to go back into lockdown - it depends on our numbers from the Christmas holidays.

I love your Bennetton sweatshirt - I remember those from the 80s!!

Anonymous said...

Ah, the Benneton sweatshirt, so 80.s - love it. Loafer are stylish and love the colour. Lise

Mica said...

Such a cosy outfit! I'm glad you are able to go out to work again, and life is starting to return to normal for you! :)

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