Pandemic weight

Polka dot dress Daniel Rainn - Black block heel shoes The 

Vintage black Paloma Picasso mini tote 

Before all of this started I had been on a diet and had been able to lose 12 pounds. 

Then pandemia hit and I stopped. I stopped eating right, I stopped caring about what I was eating and  food delivery seemed like one of the very few things you could actually continue doing. 

Then I began to go to work, once, twice a week and realized most of my clothing were tight or did not fit. 

So, this is me wearing one of the few dresses that still fit - so yes, I am very likely having to adjust my eating habits once again.


Anonymous said...

Fabulous dress! Lise

backinstyle said...

Love this dress on you, Lorena, the polka dots are so cheerful! I'm glad to hear (and see) the progress being made on your new home.

Sheila said...

I gained the "covid 19" - I ate my way through my stress and worry for 6 months, then when I did my closet swap-over in early October, I realized I couldn't fit into a LOT of my clothes. I've been cutting back on chips and chocolate, and eating fruit in the evenings, and am down about 6 pounds so far, but feeling a lot better.

This dress looks fantastic - I love the shoes with the pearls too!

Mica said...

This is a lovely dress though, polka dots are such a classic! :)

I found my weight fluctuated in quarantine a bit more than usual - with working from home and helping the kids with online schooling there was a lot of chocolate consumed, haha! It was winter too, I always seem to eat more then. Of course now it's back to summer heat and all I want to do is drink water all day so I'm sure that will counteract the over indulgence of chocolate in ISO :) I wouldn't worry too much about it! :)

Hope that your week is going well!

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