Silent colleague

Silvia Tcherassi puffy sleeve blouse 


Vintage gold and blue clip ons

December 2019 was the end of an era for me. 

The end of a work era, after being 14+ years with the same company. 

It was a difficult couple of months before we closed. But, the way I see it now, almost a year later and with all that has been going on, it was the best for us all. 

However, one thing that has me still a bit in shock is the actions or lack there of, of people who were my colleagues in other latitudes. 

Specially one in Argentina. After working with this 50+ year old professional woman for over 10 years I never heard from her after the announcement was made that the company was closing and all of us were being laid off. 

I got calls from other colleagues, whatsapp messages, emails even cards and pictures. 

But I never heard from her. I always thought very highly of her and we had shared so many good times, tough times, work trips and parties together and she was so silent. 

I could never understand why.  


Sheila said...

Did you reach out to her? Some people are like that - I am! I will rarely reach out to a person to see them - it always feels like I am intruding.

That is a cool blouse.

Mica said...

That's a fun statement top!

I hope you can reach out to your old colleague still! I know when we had to say goodbye to a lot of our colleagues at the start of the year it was so hard for me to write or talk to them all before they left. Almost 10 years I worked with some of them, and they supported me so much with my career and we learnt a lot from each other. It was so sad to say goodbye and not being good with words any notes felt a bit flat, although I did send them - I hope they realised how sad I was to say farewell. Goodbyes are hard.

Away From Blue

Anonymous said...

I think some people find it hard to say good-bye. Lise

backinstyle said...

I hope you can resume communication with your old colleague. People respond so differently to the difficultly of good byes. Maybe she feels awkward and hopes you will reach out to her. The work in progress on your new house is coming along- it will be so much fun to decorate when the construction projects are done!

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