The triple acrylic chain

Flower print hand made top vintage - black flats - Mini tote bag Salvatore Ferragamo

Acrylic triple chain necklace, another chain option here

Black ankle length trousers Mario Serrani 
I bought this necklace months ago and never wore it, it sat there for months. 
While getting dressed I realized this top was a bit low cut and I did not want to wear a tank underneath it so in order to cover up a bit I tried on the necklace and adjusted the length and voilá, problem solved.  
Have you ever used a necklace this way, to keep it modest let's say?

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Sheila said...

Oh, yes, a cleavage bib! I have done this before too - the necklace fills in the gaps so well! Your bigass chains remind me of the all-black chain necklace I have.

Lydia said...

I did once! Then I sold the dress on poshmark because I just didn't think I'd ever really feel comfortable wearing it.

Shelbee on the Edge said...

Ah, I love Sheila’s term “cleavage bib”! What a brilliant hack though! I usually add a scarf when there is too much cleavage, but I will keep this necklace trick in mind. I love the fun chunky style of the acrylic chain links. And your blouse is so beautiful. Such great colors!


Just Live Joy said...

Such a classy look on you! I love that top and I've always been a lover of statement jewelry. Great look!! Hope you're having a great week! vita-cup-infused-coffee-with-mct-oil/