Above average Neon blouse

Jeans Liz Claiborne - Neon blouse H&M - Red block heel sandal Zara

Evil eye necklace Anne Klein - Straw bag from Paraguay - Textile brooches

This neon blouse dates to 2012 when while on a trip to Washington D.C. I shopped to my heart's delight at H&M. Picked this one up for 25.00 USD.

According to my blog records its been worn at least 12 times and it's lasted 8 years in the closet. So I am above average, the average that only wears items 7 times before passing it on.

Do you have an idea of how many wears your garment gets from date of purchase to date of farewell from your closet?


Nancy 's Fashion Style said...

Now I say that's a good buy!

Mica said...

It's a fun blouse and it's great you're getting so much wear from it! :)

When i started doing the 30 wears series I looked in my blog and was surprised I had many pieces that I thought I wore a lot that only had around 11-14 wears! that seems to be the average sweet spot for me, but I'm trying to be better with that and shop less so I can rewear more often :)

Away From Blue

Sheila said...

It's a nice blouse - I am often surprised by H&M's stuff.

I am only aware of how many times I've worn something if I go back and count.