Upon my return

Grey dress REISS - Black leather hand bag vintage Paloma Picasso

Black Prada Baroque sunglasses

Black scalloped flats H&M

Sometimes when I travel I tend to think that after I leave everything will be on a pause waiting for me. Of course I could not be more wrong.

Upon my return I realized that the front door I had discussed with my husband in having in a bright Lego color yellow, was already installed but in a bright shade of red. 

So red it is. 

What color is your front door?

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Shea Lennon said...

I love the pretty details on that dress! My front door is bright yellow, actually! :) Otherwise the front of my house is pretty neutral. Have a happy New Year!

backinstyle said...

Welcome home, and happy new year! Love this beautifully draped dress on you. So simple and elegant. When my husband and I moved into our current house 6 years ago, we learned the hard way that contractors and installers need lots of management, or surprises will certainly be in store!

Sheila said...

Yay, welcome home! A red door sounds very fine indeed. My own door is not painted at all (not permitted, it's a strata).

I love this grey outfit on you - very ethereal.

Angie said...

Hi Lorena and a Happy, prosperous and creative 2020!I just hopped to wish you let you know I posted a couple of outfits from autumn. I still enjoy your outfits and your determination to post for so long. I admire it on you. As for your questio,our front door is white!

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Shelbee on the Edge said...

Oh my word, Lorena! Red is not yellow! I also have a red front door, but I have always loved red front doors. This dress is beautiful on you, by the way!


the 4 M's said...

Just a plain black door but a colorful door would be so much fun!

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