Souvenir from Florence

Black trousers Zara - Square top with black fringe Style Maffia, slightly similar

Bottega Venetta like hand bag in transtit

Zebra print heels Sperry Topsider, similar

Black pom pom necklace, similar

Round murano glass ring from Florence
I stopped buying souvenirs with the name of the place I visited stamped all over. For example a tee shirt, a key chain, a tote bag, fridge magnets, I shy away from these purchases as no matter where you bought them the odds are they are from China.
So I buy other things like items made there or  pastries. 
Take this murano glass ring, purchased several years ago, from Florence while we were on a cruise on the Mediterranean. We had a quick visit and bought several rings for friends and I got this one and another similar to this and it became that visit's souvenir.

What was the last souvenir you bought? 

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Mica said...

It's a beautiful ring! I like buying clothing or accessories from places I visit as I get a reminder each time I wear it! :)

I really like the big statement necklace against the plain top too, I love necklaces worn like that!

Hope that your week is going well :)

Away From Blue

Sheila said...

I usually buy jewelry as souvenirs too! That is a lovely Murano glass ring (I have a necklace/earrings set and a pendant from Venice), with a great colourway. Jewelry is the best: it's small and doesn't take up much room, you don't grown/shrink out of it, it's often locally made. I have a silver/sodalite ring that I bought in Scotland in 1996 that was a lot of money for me then ($75) but seems like nothing now.

My last souvenir! My copper/enamel set that I bought in Portland. I also bought a kimono there (both that and the jewelry are still unworn).

I am grooving on your black and white outfits lately. That necklace is awesome!

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

I think you are most definitely right about souvenirs made in China, but I still buy them from trips and traveling, though buying something made/built local is very important. I have a lot of custom-made jewelry and hats from when I was in Albania.

On a fashion note, I love this very chic black+white look. I am doing black and white on the blog today, too.