Mirja's shower

I had a baby shower to attend this weekend.

Strapless dress Just Choon - Beige pumps Fergalicious

I turned to the closet where I keep
my dresses.

Decided to wear a dress that was
a gift from my mom and that,
believe it or not I had never worn
on the blog.
That means it's been hanging there, untouched
for four years.
But today, it made its come back.
Tous mother of pearl pendant
It had been so long, that I felt like it was new...


J. said...

The dress is really pretty! Can't believe you wouldn't want to wear it more often :)

Anne said...

Love your dress! Enjoy the weekend:)

Mica said...

That dress is beautiful! Can't believe it's been unworn for 4 years, it should definitely be worn more often! :)

Hope you had a lovely time at the baby shower :)

momto8 said...

you look very pretty!

The Dragonfruit said...

This dress is so pretty! You should wear it out more often ;)

Trendy Teal

joshylola said...

Qué bonito el vestido, me gusta

Sheila said...

Wow, it's amazing on you, too! I hope you'll wear it more!

A Very Sweet Blog said...

It's a beautiful dress and I love your necklace.

Witchcrafted Life said...

Gorgeous dress! I want a bedspread, a couch, even wallpaper in that same endlessly classic pattern.

♥ Jessica