In transit

Jeans Zara, similar on sale - Blue loafers Bee Happy C Wonder

Red tote bag Victorinox - Blue and white print shirt Old Navy 

I've found a term to describe items that are being tried out or in between as I mentioned in my last post: items that I buy or get from friends and have yet to decide if I keep or not. These items are "in transit". 
Today's in transit item is this blue button down shirt, I wanted to see if if would work outdoors while doing gardening but after a try I realized it was too warm. Now it's no longer in transit, it's off to someone else's closet.

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Miguel Gouveia said...

Thanks a lot :D

you look great!

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Sheila said...

It's cute on you, but as with anything else, if you're not feeling it for whatever reason, it's got to go.

I call the things I'm waffling on, "on the fence". I usually end up giving them away, though.

Mica said...

That's a lovely shirt but I agree with letting it go if you can't find a use for it, it's good it will go on to someone else :)

I used to do the buy things cheaply and try sell them for a profit a while back but it got a bit too time-consuming (I did it while I was at uni) and I've never done it since.

Hope that you are having a lovely weekend! We are enjoying summer-like weather despite it being winter, it's so nice!

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