Vintage Givenchy

Jeans - Black button shirt Da Moda - Black Gabe blazer Theory

Black flats Parfois - Red hand bag Furla 

Givenchy pin, here another option
Gold Roman numeral ring, almost identical on sale

While in Argentina a few weeks ago I visited several second hand consignment shops and boutiques. In fact I began writing a post about it and never finished it. 

Anyways, in one of those stores as I browsed the costume jewelry I spotted several pieces that called my name. I asked the vendor if I could see them and the moment I held them in my hand I knew I'd hit jackpot: vintage designer costume jewelry for crazy low prices. I think they did not even know they were designer. 

Today I am wearing two of the pieces I discovered that day: a brooch and matching earrings by Givenchy. 

Have you ever come across any vintage designer costume jewelry at good prices? What was it?


Sheila said...

Woo! That is such a great find! It's a bit hard to see the details here, but I'm assuming they are stamped on the back?

I have a Givenchy necklace (likely from the 80s) that I picked up for $5.00 at a vintage fair - they did not see the stamp on it! I've also found Sherman crystal jewelry for under $10 a piece - Sherman isn't really known outside of Canada, but it's incredibly lovely and well-made. My Ambush "claw" jewelry is very high-end (gold-plated silver) designer and was a fraction of the original cost, although not in the cheap range at all ($500 for both pieces).

Oh, and we can't forget my Fendi "guitar" belt - $19.99 in the thrift store (and they knew it was Fendi - that was priced high for them). Not really jewelry, but in the accessory lane.

Mica said...

They are great finds and I love the touch the pink gives to your outfit! I wouldn't have any idea what to look for with designer jewellery! I found an authentic Balenciaga clutch bag buried in a big big of clutches once, I recognised the tiny corner peeking out. That's probably my best find!

Away From Blue

Laura B said...

I wish! Those are so pretty and were great finds!

Natalie S said...

Tu ojo! Siempre te encuentras con estos tesoros. Creo que lo mas cercano que he estado es cuando fuimos a JQB jajaja

Jodie's Touch of Style said...

I'd be one of those that had no idea it was designer!! But how fabulous they both are!!

Sarah Isis D said...

I’m still on the lookout for vintage custom jewelry that’s not super overpriced.... I would love a Gucci or Chanel vintage piece.