Awkward dates

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The other day I came across this short article about awkward dates. 
The article made me recall a lunch date eons ago, that could qualify as awkward. A friend had introduced me to one of her guy friends who was really nice and after hanging out at a bar and exchanging home phone numbers, asked me to a lunch date at his place.  
So I went over for lunch on a given Saturday where after a home made spaghetti meal he took his guitar out and began to sing to me. I tried to keep a straight face. This guy knew nothing about me. I am not a musical person, I hate serenades. First and last date. 

What's your awkward date story?

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Closet Fashionista said...

Love that dress, the color is so great!

Haha oh no!!!!!!! I only went on a few dates in my life and the one awkward one was a guy I met on a dating site. We went to an ice cream place and it was just super awkward and he was super into partying and drinking and when he brought that up I was like 'yea....I don't really do that' and we just didn't have much to talk about. But he still messaged me on the app later because he still liked me. OY! That was the only time I ever went out with someone I didn't know. The other "dates" I went on were in college when a guy would come to my room to watch a movie (and I mean really watch a movie, haha, I was too shy for anything else.) That was a month or two before I met my husband, thank goodness it didn't work out with the awkward boy.

Sheila said...

That dress - is it a dress? - is lovely on you! The shape, the colour - it's gorgeous!

Lol, that is super-awkward. He should have sussed out your tastes a bit more! My most awkward date was when I was working retail night shifts (worked till 9:30pm most nights), and met a date at a bar for a few drinks. I ended up nodding off/falling asleep on him - I was dead on my feet. I felt SO bad - and then the roses arrived! He sent me a dozen red roses. And I never saw him again. It was really weird.

Laura B said...

Oh my goodness that would be so awkward for me too! I can't think of many awkward dates since I've been with my hubby forever but I do remember seeing one of the high school administrators when we were at the movies once. That was awkward!

Natalie S said...

jajajaj que risa Lore! Yo he tenido un par, gracias a Dios no tantas