Jean Dilemma

NYDJ Not Your Daughters Jeans  - Flower print shirt Liz Lange - Pink horse bit loafers Mundial, similar
Etro hand bag - Purple grape Lacoste cardigan
Art deco pendant emerald, another option 
I need to edit. Lately it seems all I do is add more to the closet. So today I am editing a pair of jeans that is really tight, I bought them in December 2014, taken to 1.18 USD per wear.  However after I edited this item I began to wonder if I should edit things that are tight or just get serious and get back into them comfortably.  
What do you do when something is tight? Get rid of it or get into them again?


Sheila said...

My weight has gone up by about 5lbs in the last month, and my clothes are fitting tight. I do not weed out things that I love when they are tight - I am working on getting myself back down into my sweet spot where everything fits again.

However, I am also finding that my closet is getting overcrowded. We have to be ruthless!

Mica said...

I decided to throw out a huge pile of denim after I had my first son - it was frustrating going through so many different jeans to find ones that actually fit and I didn't expect myself to have lost any more weight after 9 months, haha! I find my weight fluctuates a bit which is normal and so I only threw out the really tiny sizes from when I was a uni student - I have jeans in 2 sizes now and that's better than 3 or 4! Still a hard decision to make!

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