Mystery Customer

Vintage Lanvin shirtdress, similar - Velvet block heel shoes SJP Sarah Jessica Parker, similar

Black satchel Rebecca Minkoff, similar on sale

Citrine gold vintage ring

The other day I was picked to be a mystery customer and assigned to visit a luxury store. I had never done this and felt like an actress the entire 40 minutes I was in the store. Pretending, asking things I knew the answer to, it felt dishonest. 

Have you ever been a mystery customer?

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Mica said...

Cute dress :)

I would love to be a mystery customer! I looked into it a few years ago but never had the confidence to do any more than that - I'm not a very good liar (I giggle often!) so I think I wouldn't be the best at pretending!

Hope that you are having a nice week :)

Away From Blue

Sheila said...

Like Mica, I would love to be a mystery shopper!

This is one of my faves of your designer items. Such a great dress, Lorena. I hope you are home for a while now, and getting settled.

backinstyle said...

Love this look, Lorena-that is a dress after my own heart! A classic vintage style, a great print and one of my favorite color combinations!

Lydia said...

I always thought mystery shoppers were craigs list scams, that's kind of cool you were one for real, though I'm sorry it wasn't a fun experience!
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