Black and white gingham ruffle dress H&M - Off white quilted bag Dooney & Bourke

Suede block heek shoes Breckelle's - Vintage clip on earrings, similar here

Little did I know I'd be wearing the heck out of this little gingham H&M dress when I bought it, it's going to reach an amazing cost per wear.

So I did some googling on the gingham word and it appears to be of Malaysian origin: genggham, meaning "separate" and was supposedly first seen in Europe during the 17th century. It originally was more of a striped pattern as opposed to the distinguished checkered pattern that it's known for today. The change occurred when mills in Manchester, England began to produce the print in a checkered design.  The French and Spanish refer to the gingham print as "vichy", after the town.

Are you wearing gingham these days ?
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Here some gingham options:


Sheila said...

Oh, very cool to learn that word origin, thank you, Lorena! This is a great little "one and done" dress - I have several black and white dresses and I love them (and am always looking for a new one!).

Mica said...

It's a cute dress and it's good you're getting a great cost per wear with it! :)

I don't actually have any gingham in my wardrobe, despite it being summer like most of the year here!

Away From Blue

Jodie's Touch of Style said...

Funny because I just wore my gingham pants yesterday IRL. And I always get so many compliments on them!!
Your dress is so fabulous Lorena,