The zipper cardigan

Blue Delft print trousers, sim - Black flats Salvatore Ferragamo - Black satchel Rebecca Minkoff

Black sweater Talbots - Delft pendant necklace - White zipper cardigan Lacoste, sim, sim

The other day we were heading out to the movies and my brother's sister asked if I had a sweater she could borrow as cinemas are usually quite cold. I quickly grabbed this zipper cardigan and handed it over to her. She returned it that same evening and I let left it on a chair in the dining room. 
The day after I looked at it and wondered when it was the last time I had worn it and chose to wear it again. 
I did an extensive blog search and including today it's only been worn 3 times. I think the zipper at the front and the fact that i do not wear cardigans that much is what is keeping me from wearing it more. So it's off to the sales pile. 

Below are the other only two times I have worn it:

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Sheila said...

I like it - it's a nice sporty vibe - but I don't love it either. I thought it was Lacoste at first, ha ha! Those sneaky Talbots folks!

Laura B said...

I used to have one similar to that and wore it all the time, but now with boyfriend cardigans so popular, I got rid of mine a while ago.