The blazer again

Black tee shirt Céline Paris - Black culottes Forever 21

Black window pane blazer Forever 21, similar - Black flats Parfois - Black satchel hand bag Rebecca Minkoff

I have been trying to get rid of this blazer for months now. 
Every time I wear it, I say to myself, "this is the last time I am wearing it.." Then I wear it again. Maybe this will be its last appearance? 

Do you have something around that you've wanted to get rid of, yet it's still around?


Gemma said...

I can see why you keep it. It does look very nice on you!

Gemma x

Ruth said...

Oh that blazer is so chic! I definitely think you should keep it if you keep reaching for it!

Sheila said...

So, then I have to ask: Why do you keep it? It is for the pattern? Is it a useful cut? Maybe just slot this into that "I need to upgrade this" category in your closet, and keep your eye out for a higher-quality version of this (F21 can't be that great) that you can find second-hand?

Generally, that's why I hang onto things that I don't love but find I am wearing: it's because of the cut/fit/colour/pattern that I like.