Sunday TBT

You know once in a while I like to go back and do blog TBT where I review if what I was wearing that day is still around. Today it's back to to May 19, 2011, 8 years ago ! 
I am glad to report that everything I am wearing here is still in the closet with the exception of the Melissa shoes, which I just retired from my closet. 
Do you have any items from 8 years ago in your closet? 


Sheila said...

I do have items that old in my closet! I think the oldest thing that I bought for myself is over 20 years old!

Mica said...

I don't think I have much from 8 years ago, but I realised the other day that a dress I have would be near 10 years old so maybe I have more than I think!

Hope that your week is going well :)

Away From Blue

Natalie S said...

Tengo un par, sobre todo jeans

Fátima Silva said...

Loved the scarf !!

xoxo ♡
Watermelon Clouds

backinstyle said...

I think great looking classics like these are worth keeping for years-they are timeless and always look right! Plus, chances are they are of superior quality to what we have to chose from today. So sorry to hear your red Melissa heels have worn out :( I'd say they served you very well! I definitely have pieces in my wardrobe that are more than eight years old, some of the older items are my favorites, and I reach for them often. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!