Bubble Bust

Black boatneck top Talbots, similar - Polka dot skirt Paula Cahen D'Anvers  - Black satchel Rebecca Minkoff


Off white shoes Ricatti Italy, similar

I've been having some back and fourths with this bubble necklace. It was popular years ago, I did a lot of googling to find the right one and spend way too may hours wondering which color I should go for. 
When I finally bought it I was thrilled and when I wore it I usually got a lot of compliments. Then a few months ago I wondered if I should let go because it was no longer trending and my answer was no. 
However now the light turquoise stones seem to have lost some color and the question now is, should I still keep it ? 


Straight A Style said...

I let mine like this go, but it is totally up to you! Pretty skirt.

Amy Ann
Straight A Style

Sheila said...

I love this pretty outfit on you, Lorena. You look amazing.

Hmm...if it's faded, then I'd say get rid of it. It's a cool piece, but you're an ace thrifter - I'm sure you can find something even better that's a higher quality piece.

Mica said...

If the fading is noticeable and upsetting you I'd say get rid of it! :) But you can't notice it in the photos and I think it still looks so pretty - i like it with your confetti skirt :)

Away From Blue

minimalissmo blog modowy said...

Fine skirt, I bought very similar (with double flounces) a few day ago, so I will show it in future :)