Estate Sales

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The other day I read this interesting article about "Estate Sales" and all I wanted to do was go to one. 

I did attend one or partially did in San Francisco a few years ago in front of The Palace of Fine Arts, it was a mix of emotions and I did not buy much.  

Where I live I have never ever heard of one. In fact a few years ago when I was looking at a home for purchase, the prior owner had passed away and all the items were still in the house. 
Chairs, record players, paintings, all had small post its with the names of the people that were supposed to pick them up, all were family members. 
Every time we visited the house we noticed that the furniture was being picked up... the last thing to be picked up was the painting of the lady of the house. I always wondered who took it. 

Have you ever been to a estate sale?

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PhotosbyCris Travel Fashion Lifestyle said...

I have never been to a estate sale Very interesting story Love the floral top and red skirt Such a spring feel look Have a lovely weekend xoxo Cris

Sheila said...

That was a great article you linked to, Lorena, thank you! It made me think about my mom's house, and my grandparents' houses, and my house, of course! I have never been to an estate sale, but it did remind me of going through my mom's friend's mother's closet after she'd gone into a homecare facility - it was very emotional and felt very private. It felt like a privilege to look through someone's things. Which is interesting, as that is also what it felt like when I cleaned out my friend's closet. I guess that's a good thing to keep in mind: that respect for another's life and belongings and the memories tied to them.

I think I had the dress that matched that top - do you remember it from a few years ago?

Stella said...

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backinstyle said...

I need that top in my wardrobe-the print is beautiful, and it looks great on you with everything you pair it with! I have been to estate sales, they are quite common in the US. There is something very personal and a little melancholy about them. As fascinating as it is to see many years of a complete stranger's accumulation of possessions, it is also sad to think that no one in the person's family wanted their cherished things, and a company was called in to sell them.