# Tee

Black bow skirt Express, sim - Black flats Me Too, sim - Vintage black hand bag from Argentina 

#Noalareeleccion tee shirt 

One of the several reasons I started this blog almost ten years ago was to stop wearing jeans. I had so many pairs of jeans I cannot even begin to tell you. Low cut, high waist, capri, bermuda, pedal pushers, wide leg, you name it. On a typical Saturday you'd find me wearing a pair of jeans and a tee. Nowadays I'll wear the same tee but with a skirt like today. 

Oh and if you're wondering, I now have about ten pairs of jeans, that's it.  How many pairs of jeans d you own?


Sheila said...

I own a few pairs now: my Versace mom-jeans (bright blue), skinny cropped Levis, wide-leg Gap, Jean-Paul Gaultier sailor jeans, and silver metallic jeans. I'm not really a jean person - like you, I'd rather wear something more fun, like a skirt.

Mica said...

I'm trying to wear skirts and dresses more than jeans and get away from the blue jeans style rut I was in outside of work! I definitely don't have as many jeans as I used to have, but I still have a few!

The next weekday wear linkup is live on my blog, I'd love you to join!

Hope that you had a lovely Easter :)

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