Rubs off

NYDJ beige Not Your Daughter's Jeans - Lavender top Forever 21, similar - Suede shoes Breckelle's - Yellow headband

Art deco vintage ring, similar - Italian pastel silk scarf

I spend an obscene amount of time watching Netflix. One of the latest series I am watching is Velvet Collection and it rubbed off on what I am wearing today (trailer here). 
I'll sum it up for you: the story of the evolution of fashion and trends seen from the retailer point of view, the department store called Velvet. A lot of drama, soap opera like with loving characters and the clothing and styling are a delight to watch. 

Two things rubbed off on this outfit: the silk scarf and wide yellow headband.

Has that ever happened to you? That the show or movie you watch suddenly has an impact in your choice of wear?


Sheila said...

I LOVE this outfit - the headband the scarf totally make the outfit. I love the pattern in that scarf - I am always looking for geometrics like that.

I don't think I've been that influenced by a TV show...

Mica said...

That's a beautiful scarf and it sounds like an interesting show! I have been inspired to try things people watching, either in person, on blogs or on netflix, haha! :) Mostly just trying similar pieces or ideas though, my wardrobe is quite plain and doesn't allow me to replicate a lot of looks exactly!

Hope that your week is going well :)

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