Silver inspo

White and blue print trousers no brand
Black boxy sweater Leith, almost identical

Black tote bag Furla

Silver tone butterfly earrings, similar - Silver block heel shoes SM, similar

There are days when I do not know what to wear. I am sure you can relate. The closet is full, yet nothing seems to fit well or look good. You have to be out the door in ten minutes. 
That was me this morning. Then somehow the shoes and earrings came together and voilá .

What inspired your outfit today?


Mica said...

This outfit all works so well together! I like the matching earrings and shoes :) I try plan my outfits the night before as my rushed attempts never look this stylish! :)

Away From The Blue

Miguel Gouveia said...

Thanks a lot :D

fantastic combo

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Jodie's Touch of Style said...

I love how you added black to these pants, Lorena!! My first thought is always a color that's in the pants, like white or blue. And I'm trying to break myself of this habit!!

Sheila said...

I love those silver shoes. I usually get inspiration from a new-to-me item, or rewearing a piece that I love.

Lydia said...

Yes, that is just everyday! But when an outfit comes together that you love it's a huge win. These pants are so fun!
Chic on the Cheap

Natalie S said...

Me gusto mucha esta combinación!

minimalissmo blog modowy said...

Wow, fantastic look. Thats is what I always say - that the most impression are the simple combinations with perfectly tailored clothes like this one. The earrings is pergect fit here. Shoes too. Bravo!