Red skirt H&M, similar - Black sweater with white polka dots Petite Me, similar
Black flats Parfois - Black tote bag Furla 

I've never been happy with my hair. It's always been a different reason at a different time. 
In school it was never pretty enough or long enough. It was flat, I could never make it look good. Plus I have zero ability to work my hair, can't blow dry or flat iron it. Color: it was too dark, had split ends. As time passed I never really did much with it. Then my hair began to thin and fall out. There was hair on the floor, my car seat, my shower. I was diagnosed with alopecia and spent a lot of time and money in dermatologists and special lotions and shampoos. Then came gray hairs. I've stopped complaining, I have hair. 
What's your relationship with your hair?


Sheila said...

First, I really like this simple outfit - very pretty. Love a red skirt!

Your hair has always looked gorgeous in your pictures.

I used to fight my hair's natural texture (straight with a slight wave, resists curl) by perming it, and I'm so glad I stopped doing it, as it fried my hair. Now, I just colour it, but as you know, I've stopped trying to cover my grey, and am letting it come in. I am continuing to give it a lavender tone as I'm not mentally ready to be fully grey yet. :) Good luck with yours!

Courtney Erin said...

I have a horrid relationship with my hair. It is the absolute worst and never cooperates. Yours always strikes me as looking incredible though (and I love, love, love this outfit as well).


Mica said...

I think your hair looks lovely! :) I'm not great at styling my own hair either - I have 3 hairstyles I alternate between, haha! I usually go through cycles with loving or hating my hair. right now it's too long so I'm getting frustrated with i, but I want it to be just a little longer before I donate it! Then I'll cut it short and regret it, grow it long and get annoyed, etc. It's a cycle!

Love this polka dot outfit on you too! :)

Hope that you are having a lovely start to your week :) I just posted my weekday wear linkup, I'd love you to join! :)

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Closet Fashionista said...

I actually like my hair. My only issue with it was when my mom made me get a bowl cut when I was young because she was tired of doing my hair for gymnastics. So I looked like a boy for a few years. Now I rarely get it cut, haha! But I don't really do much with it. I hate blowdrying and I'm horrible at curling it, but I do try every once in a while.
I think everyone goes through hair ups and downs, although some more than others, haha.

Lydia said...

I have always had a difficult relationship with my hair. Everyone tells me how pretty it is, but I always feel like it's a sham. without tons of heat styling it's a frizzy mess! If it's humid out, forget about it!
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Laura B said...

I haven't talked about this on the blog, but my daughter was diagnosed with alopecia a few months ago. My heart breaks for her because I know she is probably going to deal with it the rest of her life. My hair isn't fabulous either. It took me most of my life to learn how to style it.

Natalie S said...

Tu cabello se ve excelente! Yo he pasado por muchas fases. Fui hasta semi rubia hace unos años. Ahora estoy en una fase de aprender a quererlo como es y no hacerle muchas cosas.