Red tassel earrings

Jeans Zara - White cotton top from Puebla, Mexico, similar 
Flats Bimbo & Lola 


If I had come across these red tassel earrings I am wearing today in a store, the odds are I would have not bought them. But, they were given to me as a gift and as I did not dislike them I thought even though they were not "my style" I would give them a try. I liked them.

What was the last item you were gifted and you thought was not your style, but you tried it anyways?

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Sheila said...

I like these a lot, but I see them EVERYWHERE...which usually means they will look dated in a few years, lol. Like we care, right?

I get stuff from my mom that is really not to my taste. I generally try to wear it once (since she reads my blog) and then I give it away.

Mica said...

These are so fun! I've admired this trend for a while as it is everywhere at the moment but it's not practical with little ones! I decided to embrace it when I'm in the office instead and away from grabby toddler hands and I'm having fun, even if they don't stay in my collection forever they are such cute earrings! :)

Thank you so much for joining the #weekdayWearLinkUp this week :)

Hope that your week is going well :) Still so hot and humid here with the heatwave!

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Closet Fashionista said...

Loving the bits of red!!!
I can't remember the most recent time but once for Christmas my mom gave me a white/cream sweater that I didn't think I liked because it was white. But it was super soft so I decided to keep it and now I actually really like the color