The Pink Shirt

Jeans Zara - Pink button down shirt H&M, almost identical
Burgundy flats French Soles, similar - Burgundy vintage hand bag Lancaster, similar on sale

I love button down shirts. They have the ability of transforming rather simple outfits into office appropriate. Well, at least most of the time.  Or at least they will give a "corporate" vibe in a Skype meeting. 
As most of us, there are several of them hanging in my closet. This one in particular is from H&M and was purchased in 2012, in 6 years it's been worn ten times, with a 2.50 USD CPW. 

Lately it seems too see through, too clingy, the sleeves do not seem to stay put and the collar seems to be piling. Then again it could just be that I am tired of it and I am just looking for reasons. 

Do you give yourself reasons for getting rid of an item or do you just toss it and never look back ?

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Helene.Vlacho said...

Wonderful outfit Lorena! So casual and comfy yet chic and trendy! I love wearing shirts during Spring!

Sheila said...

I toss it if I'm feeling iffy about it, but of course, it sits in the giveaway pile for a few months - I've very seldom pulled anything back out though.

Toss it, this shirt's done. Looks a little sloppy, and you have nicer ones.

Laura B said...

Yes! I definitely look for reasons to get rid of an item. I always want to know why I don't like it so it might help me with future purchases!