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A few months ago I was certified as an Image Consultant. I have to admit I have not applied what I learned on myself yet. However, a friend approached me to assist in styling her for a VIP product launch. She works in the automotive industry. She needed to feel and look pretty without having all the attention on her, she also needed to be able to move around comfortably. 

I began looking for a celebrity she might relate or have similarities with, in this case, it was beautiful Octavia Spencer. My friend has the same hair and skin tone. She also has a similar body structure with a slight change, my friend has twice the breast size.

When we began to think of what she could wear to this evening event she said she did not want to wear a dress or a skirt, she wanted to wear a black pair of trousers, which she already owned. I asked her if she was comfortable in lace, I thought lace would give the dark trousers a more formal yet accessible look. 

This she would pair with black closed toe pumps. She would not be carrying a handbag. She agreed on all, so we began to hunt. 

An important factor here was that she had been without a job for years, meaning that we needed to keep the spending factor in mind. We used a pair of black trousers from her closet that fit her perfectly. I lent her a pair of double sided pearl earrings and she only invested in black mid heel shoes and a white elegant lace blouse. She spent less than 60.00 USD and I donated 6 hours of my time. 

The results were SO positive for my first "professional styling". It was a basic black and white look but the fit here was what made all the difference. While I would love to share the results, she is very private, which is something every stylist must respect ;) 
You could see that she was comfortable and pleased with how she looked, she was confident and her event was packed and a success !

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Mica said...

Oh that's awesome- congrats on becoming a stylist, and your first stylist opportunity going so well! :)

I think it would be fun to learn more about fashion and styling - how did you find your course?

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