A year ago

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As you know I like to go back once in a while and check out what I was wearing a year ago. For example, here, I am wearing two garments that are long gone: the red silk blouse and the cardigan. The best part is I have not missed them. Good closet edits leave no regrets.


Mica said...

It's good you don't regret getting rid of things from your wardrobe, I often look back at a photo when I'm hunting for something in my blog archives and get sad when I realise I no longer have something - even if it wasn't right for me!

Hope you're having a good start to your week.

Away From The Blue Blog

Laura B said...

It's interesting to look back at outfits! I love to look back on my monthly purchases and see what stuck around and what didn't. It helps me to buy better next time!

Sheila said...

I agree! And when you've been blogging as long as we have, it's so fun to look back at what you wore. I can't think of any items that are gone from my closet that I really miss.

A Very Sweet Blog said...

They served their purpose.