Old home, Old soul

Grey suede perforated flats Dr. Scholl's, similar - Saks Fifth Avenue flower print vintage scarf identical
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Grey suede perforated flats Dr. Scholl's, similar - Saks Fifth Avenue flower print vintage scarf identical
Marimekko for H&M printed top, similar here - White shorts Larry Levine, similar for under 5.00 USD HERE

If you follow my IG feed (link on the right column of the blog) you'll see I've posted this home before. Even though its not near my neighbourhood it has that certain appeal and character only an old home can possess, that old soul I fall for over and over for. Although its practically in ruins its former grandeur can be seen, on a side note, believe it or not its habited. 
What types of structures are you attracted to ? Modern buildings, art deco ? What's your thing ?
 Si sigues mi cuenta de Instagram (enlace en la columna derecha del blog) verás que he "posteado" fotos de esta casa antes. A pesar de no estar en mi vecindario, tiene cierto atractivo y personalidad que sólo una casa vieja puede tener, esa vieja alma por la cual me enamoro una y otra vez. A pesar de que está prácticamente en ruinas, su grandeza puede ser admirada y aunque no lo crean está habitada. 
¿Qué tipo de construcciones te atraen ? ¿Edificios modernos, art deco ? 


backinstyle said...

I love your vibrant pink and orange blouse. Polka dots make me happy, and this top is downright joyous!
I also have a love of architecture, and mourn the sight of beautiful old buildings falling into ruin. I can see that this house was once very lovely, and it's hard to believe it is still inhabited. Maybe on the second floor?

Sheila said...

Love that blouse.

My city is full of old Victorian houses and buildings that are slowly falling into disrepair, but many of them have been preserved as Heritage homes, with grants from the city for their upkeep. I like modern architecture too - I'm intrigued by anything that's different or pushes a design envelope. I hate boring architecture the same way I hate boring clothes. No imagination!

Mica said...

I love that blouse every time you wear it! :) We don't have many old houses around here - I don't think Brisbane is that old to be honest! There are one or two but they are usually in pretty good shape. If you don't keep maintenance up on a Queenslander house it quickly becomes an uncomfortable place to live, haha!

I never would have thought this was still in use as it's partially boarded up!

Away From The Blue Blog

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

I love both old and new architecture. I love that cheerful top. I also 'love' how you are wearing shorts and we are covered in 6 inches of snow lol

Anna of Mutton Style and Years said...

Fascinating building as background. Love the color of your blouse.

Natalie S said...

Love that top!

I need to find that house to use it as background too! Although I can't believe people live there!