No regrets

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This picture is from seven years ago today... I believe only the jeans and white blouse have survived my closet edits. 
Do I have any regrets on the items that are no longer in my closet ? The answer is no
Esta foto es de hace siete años hoy... Creo que sólo los jeans y la camisa blanca han sobrevivido mis constantes ediciones al closet. 
¿Que si extraño o tengo algún remordimiento de haber descartado estas piezas que ya no están en mi closet ? 
La respuesta es no, ninguno.


Sheila said...

Wow, I love that you still have them. I remember those days of you hiding your face. :)

I don't regret any of my giveaways/discards either. I can always enjoy the pictures!

Mica said...

I wish I could be as happy with things I remove from my wardrobe as you! Even with things that I got rid of as they weren't comfortable to wear, I'll see an old photo or think up an outfit it would have worked in and feel a little sad I let it go. it's what makes it so hard to downsize my wardrobe, when I regret letting things go!

I do the same with bags too you know - I've sold a couple bags and then gone and bought them right back haha! Lucky I have understanding friends!

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