Moderation works every.time

White skirt Nine West, but look at this one from Moschino for just 50.00 USD ! - Mod print sleeveless top Worthington
Black blazer Nine West, similar on sale here - Black and white Accocella flats Nine West - Black vintage bag Croft & Barrow

Without realising it, today I assembled an outfit with items mostly from just one brand. It's something that I would consciously shy away from, specially if its marked with the  logotype - luckily its not the case here. 
I've always feared that I would be lost behind all those signs and end up looking like a Christmas tree. Picture a tee shirt with a logotype worn with earrings with the brand logo, bag with brand's printed monogram, flats with logo embossed in a gold toned plate and a scarf marked with the brand name.  
All of these worn at the same time, same or different brand names, for me it's a no. I've seen it on others and its something I don't like and don't want for me. It's loud and to me, no matter how much you have spent on what you are wearing, it looks cheap. 
Of course I love a branded tote bag, but as with everything: moderation works every.time.
Certainly this is just my opinion, how about you ? What's your take ?

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backinstyle said...

Such a professional and chic outfit on you! That great print blouse makes it special. I am not a big fan of logo branding either, but it is very popular, now, I see it everywhere.

Unknown said...

Looks really interesting) Thanks a lot for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Totally agree.
Greetings from Spain

Black Dress Inspiration said...

El top me parece ideal y queda genial con la falda

Sheila said...

I don't like obvious branding, although I'll make an exception for certain things, like my Fluevogs, or my Kenzo dress emblazoned with "KENZO" across the front. I wonder if I could even make a brand top to bottom, so much of my wardrobe is a mish-mash of brands.

Moda jest Kobietą said...

Beautiful :)))