September guilt

By now you probably know that my shopping ban was a failure
and here is proof.

Zara collar on sale from Zara in Guatemala 5.99 USD

Liz Claiborne jeans on sale for 18.00 USD at JC Penney

Liz Claiborne orange and animal print top on sale for 14.00 USD, 
also at JC Penney

From JC Penney, a Worthington print top for 16.00 USD

and the matching Worthington printed skirt for 20.00 USD - JC Penney

Worthington mint skirt with pockets for 25.00 USD - JC Penney

Worthington polka dot trousers 25.00 USD JC Penney

Accessories: Michael Kors sunglasses 24.99 USD - Tommy Hilfiger sunglasses 
H&M Hot pink neon rhinestone necklace - clear acrylic cuff and ring H&M

Ox blood trousers Valerie Bertinelli TJ Maxx for 19.99 USD

Black trousers H&M 14.99

Neon shirt H&M 24.99 USD

Pink shirt with gold studs H&M 24.95 USD

Beige trousers H&M 17.95 USD

Silk scarf from H&M 5.99 on sale

Michael Kors dress from TJ MAXX 20.00 USD on sale.

I plead guilty, 319.66 USD later. 


Kathya stryzak said...

Y aca todo caro...jamas podria comprar todo q vos compraste a ese precio mismo convertendo a pesos argentinos...

a situacion aca esta bien triste si!! besossss

Tey VJ said...

lol so much for shopping ban, on the contrary your finds are beautiful and such great deals!

Cool Vanity said...

Beautiful things!. Kisses.

Anne said...

Great shopping spree!! Lovely finds

Judy C said...

Seems to me you might want to choose a different month. End of summer sales are hard to pass up.

Katie Aman said...

Wow, I'm drooling over some of those items! The mint skirt and sparkly collar especially! Looks like a great shopping spree :)

Creando mi armario said...

Amazing shopping !!, i love the Zara collar !
I'm following you now :)

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

HAHAHAHA! But you got some great items Lorena and all were on SALE. So there you go ;)

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Wao, you got some really nice things! I cant wait to see you wear them!

Mica said...

Love your latest purchases :)

The splatter print dress is awesome :)

Iris NoRepeats said...

You got some good deals!

drollgirl said...

well you got some really cute stuff at really good prices.

i have this same problem. i shouldn't shop, i complain i don't have money for traveling, and then i shop some more. Ugh! it is hard to resist cute stuff that is on sale!

Elegance Personified said...

WOW you went on a shopping spree in September but honestly you got 20 pieces altogether and the total isn't bad at all. Plus you were in the States for some days so of course you HAD TO SHOP while there. The last 3-4 years while living in USA, I usually spent about 400$ monthly, which was definitely not in my budget. The sales and such a huge variety of stores sucks you in, there, all the time.

I must say you found beautiful pieces from JC Penney (love all 3 green items) and from H&M (love the 2 blouses, pink studded necklace, geometric gold necklace and the set of acrylic bracelet/ring).