Grey topper

As I write this, this grey sweater is hanging in the give away closet. Purchased in March 2014 on sale for 10.70 USD, it's gotten at least 13 documented wears, about 0.82 cents per wear. It was a favourite but began to pile. It's traveled extensively in South America, here are 10 of its wears.


01.06.2014                                         14.10.2014                                17.10.2014

04.03.2015                                                     21.12.2015


Sheila said...

It's a good useful piece - I'm sure you can find another one!

Mica said...

You got great cost per wear from it, although it's a shame it hasn't lasted!

I hate when clothes start to pile.

Hope you are having a good week so far and all your Christmas preparation is going well! I'm so behind with wrapping presents - need to do more this weekend!

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