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The other day as I looked through my credit card statement I saw a charge that did not make sense. It was from a hotel I had stayed in three months ago and at the time of check out, as you normally do, had paid all that was due. I contacted the hotel to ask what the charge was for. Long story short, the hotel front desk answered twice in a period of 3 weeks and the answers made no sense. I then contacted the hotel manager directly after a quick Google search. I explained the situation and forwarded him all the emails I had exchanged with the front desk staff. Shortly after I got an email informing that they had just fired one of their staff members as because of my email they had discovered a credit card scam that had been going on in their hotel. Had it not been for my direct contact with the hotel manager, they would have never known. As you can imagine I felt horrible as all I wanted was to know what the charges on the card were for. Have you ever been in a similar situation, where someone got fired because of you ? 
El otro día mientras revisaba mi estado de cuenta de la tarjeta de crédito me encontré con un cargo que no tenía sentido. Era de un hotel en el cual me había hospedado hace tres meses y en el cual al momento de hacer check out había cancelado toda la cuenta. Contacté al hotel y larga historia corta, me contestaron 2 veces en un periodo de 3 semanas, pero la respuesta no tenía sentido. Entonces decidí contactar al gerente del hotel explicando la situación y haciéndole llegar los correos que había intercambiado con el personal de hotel. Poco después me contactaron del hotel para informarme que habían despedido a una persona del hotel ya que gracias a mi correo se habían dado cuenta de que habían estado haciendo cargos fraudulentos a los huéspedes. Si no hubiese contactado al gerente del hotel, jamás se habrían dado cuenta. Como se podrán imaginar me sentí horrible ya que lo único que yo buscaba era explicación a los cargos en la tarjeta. Han estado en una situación similar, en donde han despedido a alguien por su culpa ?  

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Courtney Erin said...

Wow, that's crazy and I can only imagine how weird that must make you feel! But honestly, it sounds like this individual wasn't really doing their job properly (wait, were they involved in the scam too?) and getting fired was probably inevitable. But

Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

Secure In Style said...

I love it!!


Black Dress Inspiration said...

Qué guapa estás con el vestido tejano

Sheila said...

First, I LOVE that dress! You look amazing!

I contributed to helping a local company crack down on a computer hack of credit card info. It was last year, when a bunch of us went to see the Sing-along Sound of Music - every one of us had our credit card compromised! We all called in and reported it, including a police report. You have to watch your information and banking so carefully!

Miguel Gouveia said...

Thanks a lot :D

one of my fav combos :D

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Mica said...

First, I love this dress every time you wear it!

Second, oh my goodness that's so good you picked up on the charge and went to the manager - I wonder how much money they'd stolen from people before you called? It's definitely not a bad thing that they got fired for breaking the law! (Well, it's illegal here in Australia to steal credit card details).

My mum once had somebody steal her card and use it on an expensive Sydney hotel - she discovered when she went to get money out. The funny thing was that her card company didn't believe her! She kept trying to explain to them that if she was standing in Brisbane having just used her fard, how could she have gotten there from Sydney so quick?! But they weren't having it, the hotel wouldn't let them dispute the charges. It was messy! Eventually she got her money back.

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E said...

Oh wow! That's crazy! Don't feel bad. You certainly didn't have any bad intent when you asked.

District of Chic

Laura B said...

It's good that you found the charges! And you shouldn't feel bad. Your attention brought this to light and stopped this from happening for others!

Porcelina said...

Well done you, you stopped fraud! I hope that every guest got their money back.

Great dress on you too!

A Very Sweet Blog said...

Don't feel bad at all! That person was probably scamming others and there would've been more victims.

highlatitudestyle said...

Don't feel bad. The person did not fired because of you. The person got fired because of what the person has done. All what you have done is protecting your own interest. If that person who did the fraud would have been clever, s/he had just recharged the money send an excuse, and s/he would have been out of the salad. But s/he felt so safe, probably because s/he has done it already for so long. There is no reason to feel bad. You did everything right. Think of how many people you saved money.Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style