If Jackie Kennedy had a blog

I admit having spent copious amount of time admiring Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis' style. Jackie O' is always referred to as a "style icon" and while there are plenty of those around today, her name is always on top of the list. So, after a lot of research I'd like to share ten style commandments Jackie O' would have given us if she had a blog:

1. No cleavage, Yes interesting necklines.
Image via Pinterest

Some of you may think "sure, she could not with a 32A bra size..." 
regardless, she was not seen revealing her bosom. Not even in a 
bathing suit, she kept covered. The most cleavage I could find she 
showed was in this 1956 picture.

With or without accessories, she kept her neck game interesting 
with bateau / boat necks, round, turtleneck and some in "v" style. 
For formal gowns the necklines were usually straight across and 
sweetheart and later on in life, one shoulder gowns. Interestingly 
enough, I have yet to see a picture of her in a halter 
(if you have please let me know). 

2. Sunglasses

Always spectacularly oversized. Its said she kept a bowl close to the door where she had several pairs and always grabbed one before heading out. Jackie often chose French designers in her eyewear, as these 3203 by Nina Ricci or various models from François Pinton.  Oh, and she was also known to buy identical pairs several colours as black and brown tortoise shell. 

Image via Pinterest
3. Scarves

Sometimes knotted at the neck, others on the head, she wore them tastefully.  One of my favourite looks is the one to the left. I have yet to be able to tie a scarf around my neck and have it look this good. It's not just to wear it but to know how to.

4. Pearls

She was commonly seen in two or three strand pearl necklaces, usually "choker" length. While she also wore pearl earrings and brooches, her necklaces are the ones we remember most. Oh, and they don't have to be real, most of hers were fake, even the famous 19 inch triple strand which sold for over 210,000.00 USD !

Image via Pinterest
5. Coordinates: 

Wether it was skirt+jacket+pillbox hat combo or just a matching shirt 
with scarf like the one on the right, she made them work. 
She always matched. 

6. Never over accessorised

There was not a single picture where I could see that she was overdone. 
She was always "just right". I have yet to see a picture where I think 
"she could have done without..... "

7. Shoes

In her First Lady days her shoes were never super high heels. Sure, she wore heels but they usually balanced the rest of the outfit. Jackie was very specific when ordering shoes to her personal shopper Marita, as seen in her letters, where she draws what she wants, refers to a specific vamp and requires the shoes to be "timeless". When it came to sandals, she wore them magically! Not an easy task. Oh and did you know she wore a 10A shoe size ? 

8. Lips

According to Jackie's cosmetologist, Peter Lamas, when it came to lipsticks bold colours were not her thing. She opted for pale pinks and nudes, keeping it natural. I also read that she would usually match her dress to her lipstick, even if it was red. I prefer to go with Lamas' assessment. 

Image via Pinterest

9. Good posture  

Style not only has to do with what you wear but also with how you carry yourself. She had good posture, I am amazed at the many gracious photographs you can find of her where her body language exudes grace, its all thanks to that comportment.  

10.  Style is ageless 

Elements that imply style are simply beyond any age. So its something we're never too young or too old for. 


Closet Fashionista said...

Yeeep. That woman had style! Even when people try to emulate her it never comes out the same.

Mica T said...

I know what you mean about trying to emulate something and it just not seeming the same - some people just have style and confidence that isn't easy to replicate! There have been a few styles I've loved but couldn't pull off when I tried - but the fun with fashion is we can all try whatever we like, we never know till we try!

She was a very stylish lady :)

Away From The Blue Blog

Shybiker said...

Great explanations. I always knew she was an inspiration for many but didn't grasp why. You explain it beautifully. Thanks for the education.

Jacquard Flower said...

Love this post! Amazing style.

Gemma x

Natalie Sampson said...

Great post! I know I would definitely follow her just to see her collection of sunglasses and scarfs. As you said her style was ageless and also timeless!