Tips for embracing trends or not

Last year when the rave was all about the off shoulder top (like we'd never seen one before) I came to realise that many of us are just waiting to be told what is "new and trendy" to then "fill that closet gap". 

Back then, for the cold shoulder trend, at first I refused to buy one, so adapted an old  Marimekko top:

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In my case I want to think I have more control over trends. I look first at what is in the closet and the odds are there is something adaptable as above, similar or even identical to the latest item of desire. 

I also ask myself a few questions:

  • Do I like it ? - because I've bought stuff trendy, just because - and then never wear. 
  • Is it functional with the rest of my wardrobe ? Because maybe it does not go with anything you own ! 
  • Do I have the right undergarments to wear it ? Or do I have to buy something else to make it work ?
  • Does it fits my style ?  I don't want to look costume like.
  • Will I look like every other person when I go out ? This, is of course if you mind. I do.
  • Does this style look good on me ? Is this truly flattering ? And don't ask the sales girl ! 

At the end, I do plead guilty on falling for trending items, but do make an effort to make it different through styling, like below.

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Continuing on the off the shoulder trend example, last year I recall that every time I saw this girl she would be wearing an off shoulder top, sure, they were nice, but it became her uniform. Off shoulder in white, in chambray, short sleeve, long sleeve, printed, in lace... you name it. In my opinion it was too much as it was all trend, no style. 

And there is nothing wrong with wanting to embrace trends, but I think there is a limit, one you should set.

What's your take on trends ?


Beauty Unearthly said...

Great tips and a very helpful post! x

Sheila said...

I tend to agree with this overall. I like to know what's trending, so that I can shop my closet or thrift something - as you say, it's not like we haven't seen these things before! I will usually only do one piece (like the "cold shoulder" tops), until I see if the trend has staying power (like skinny jeans or pastels), and then I may dabble further and see what I can find. Some trends just do not work on me (many cropped tops), so I'll avoid them.

Porcelina said...

I like seeing new trends but do tend to wait and see which ones become all too common before rushing out and buying anything! I still don't have any off the shoulder tops but am thinking of sewing my own so that nobody else has one like it! X

Mica T said...

I'm guilty of hopping on trend bandwagons without stopping to think how things will work in my wardrobe, and I usually don't keep very many of those pieces!

I think it is always a good idea like you said to shop your wardrobe first and find similar pieces.

Away From The Blue Blog

Kim Alston said...

Excellent post Lorena! I've fallen for trends only to give the item away or sell it. I ask the same questions you do! It's really important to be honest with yourself.

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

I agree we have to follow our own sense of style and not fall victims of trends. While I do love cold-shoulder and off-shoulder top, and I have even added several new ones to my closet, I know that some have been in my closet before. For example for years I have shopped at White House Black Market and almost every season they have a couple of off-shoulder and bohemian tops. You did a great job with how you wore the Marimekko top.