Height Challenged

I'm 5 - 5'1, so I consider myself "height challenged". For us who are closer to the ground certain kind of garments are usually recommended to create a visual illusion that we are somewhat taller. While I really don't mind being short, sometimes I do need extra height but am not fond of super high heels, so I look for other options. 
One of suggestions for the height challenged are high waisted pants. 
In my case, I have gradually been getting rid of lower rise trousers as they are not as comfortable, they visually cut me of at the wrong place and when I sit I feel they physically cut my stomach in two.

Here are a few examples of the times I have worn high waisted trousers, with mid sized heels. 
Other suggested tricks for elongating the figure include wearing a monochromatic palette, skirts and dresses. 

When it comes to height, of course we cannot forget shoes. For creating a longer legs effect, lighter shades such as nude are recommended. Avoid footwear that cuts you off at the ankle, yes hello there Mary Janes and strappy sandals. While I don't strictly follow these rules, its more often that I see myself reconsidering items because of these reasons. 
For example, before I was made aware of this I had several Mary Jane style shoes and strappy sandals. While I did not let go of them immediately I did not replace them when they were given away and when shopping for shoes it's something I now consider because I can see the difference. I'll share with you the same skirt with two pairs of shoes tomorrow as an example.

In the meantime, how tall are you ? do you consider  your height when getting dressed ?

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Mica T said...

I'm petite too - although an inch taller than you. I don't really buy pieces with the view of them making me look taller, but I do try to shop for my height in terms of sticking to petite sections or trying to buy clothes that don't need hemmed. I have a few pieces I love so much I've bought them and had them shortened anyway :)

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Alexandra said...

On your photoso, you look taller I have to say! But it is certainly not a bad thing to be on the petite side! I am very tall, 5'10, and I often wish I was significantly shorter :P. I love high waisted pants! It really elongates the figure! Love your white ones!


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Kim Alston said...

Those style pants look great on you! Awesome recommendations.