Height Challenged 2

In yesterday's post I shared some acquired tips on elongating your figure, besides the usual high heel. I mentioned how nude shoes are an option too, the idea is to find a shade that resembles your skin tone. When you look down it gives the effect that your legs go on... its usually even better if the shoes are somewhat less round at the tip. Keeping the shoes simple: no ankle straps, avoids the "cut off" effect which you can see on the pictures above. In both pictures I am wearing the same black pencil skirt, on the left the double strap Mary Janes look ok but cut my leg at the ankle (notice the round shop tip not helping), making my short stature more evident. While the picture on the right where shoes are pointier and nude the visual effect is otherwise. When I say otherwise I do not mean tall, as I am not, but its dissimulated. 

Do you have any shoes that match your skin tone in the closet ? 


Kim Alston said...

Great idea! I love the neutral tones of those heels.

Mica T said...

It's nice to see a side by side comparison of this! I confess that I don't follow the "rules" for shoes too much. I tend to wear things because I like them and only notice later looking at the photos that something may be a little off. Usually I'll still wear them anyway, ha! I noticed a particular pair of shoes and dress together looked odd recently, so just decided not to wear them together again as I liked them separately ;)

Hope you are having a really good week.

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Magdalena Ścierska Minimalissmo said...

I use skin color of shoes (in summer) to midi dress and some pants, it gives me 5cm more and better effect in the bottom part.