Thoughts on closet edits

I am still surprised at the amount of items that
were edited from my closet last year (+200).
Black trousers H&M - Black and white stripe tshirt Talbots - Red flats Stradivarius
Letting go of 129 tops alone was quite a feat..
Getting rid of 17 belts and only adding one into the closet
was also a small triumph...
While I still believe my closet needs more edits, 
am also aware that this task will never end.
There will always be something that no longer fits, 
a garment that we never really liked, a pair of trousers
we just stopped wearing, something torn or stained...
I've already set my eyes on a few
items that are headed for editing.. 


Mica said...

Love the colourful red flats with the back and white outfit! :)

I am envious of those who can have a big clean out and get to the wardrobe they what seemingly quickly, but I think, like you, that I'll always be removing and editing and trying to get my perfect wardrobe. Does feel a bit like an never ending task and a goal I'll never reach (perfect wardrobe) but I guess any progress is better than nothing :)

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LyddieGal said...

Wow, that is a lot of tops to get rid of! And I imagine there are still plenty left.
While I never count how many things I own, I know I have approximately 200 hangers. Right now I have two new blouses still sitting in the shopping bag because I told myself I wasn't going to buy any more hangers and I'd Have to find something to let go of. I feel like I know what needs to go, and yet, I still hesitate.

Also, I love the stripes and red shoes, classic and so cute.
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