Holes and tears

As you may have read before, I have the 
blessing or curse of seeing flaws or things
that can be improved with the blink of an eye.
It's like they call my name...
I see them on others and of course, myself.
I can spot a hole in a shirt a mile away, 
same as I can see a tear. 
Trousers H&M - Lavender top Oscar de la Renta - Lavender cardigan Eileen Fsher
So, when I saw a tiny hole on the side of this 
lavender cardigan I knew its time had come.
Because, no matter how small, if I can see it, 
so can you  -  
Grey flats Zara - Silk scarf
This garment entered my closet in April 2011, 
it was on sale, paid about 10.70 USD, 
worn just 7 times in 5 years.

Holes and tears... 
are one of the reasons for my edits.

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Sheila said...

Same here. Also snags, stains, colour blotches (which are usually my own fault for washing things with non-colour-fast garments) and repairs that I'm too lazy to do.

This lavender colour (the cardigan) is a little blah on you, anyway. I like the deeper purple of the camisole better.