Two things

There are two garments I regret giving away, ever.
Both were pre blog, so I can't share them with you. 
Printed skirt Anne Klein - Black cardigan INC International concepts -
Fuchsia ruffle top Uno Core - Purple bag Coach - Black patent shoes Zara  
One of them was a dark blue crested Polo Ralph Lauren blazer.
I gave up on it too early. I still imagine myself wearing it … 
The other was a vertical striped blue, black and nude trousers. 

Funny thing, even though we don't "talk about it " there are
still things in my mind that I cannot let go of. 

Any regrets on items edited from your closet ? 


Sheila said...

I love that blouse - I think I used to have one just like it. I miss a few of the things that I gave away too hastily, but most things I can go back and look at them on the blog.

Mica T said...

Love the combination of the top and skirt together!

I often regret things I've given away or sold, it's why it's so difficult for me to get rid of things, haha! I frequently think of things I let go because they were annoying to wear but still looked pretty on, as I gloss over the annoyances!

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Jessica Cangiano said...

What a great question. I tend to regret those things that "got away" before I could buy them more than the ones I part with from my closet, but that isn't to say there haven't been some in the latter camp, too. I wish, for example (and I realize this might be taking poetic license with the concept), that I still had some of my favourite clothes from my childhood and teen years. Even if they didn't fit, I'd love to have them as mementos (I do have a super small number of such pieces, largely thanks to my wise mother hanging onto them, but not many).

♥ Jessica

LyddieGal said...

A pair of really bright floral printed trousers. I don't even know why, because I don't think I'd be wearing them, yet I still feel nostalgic for them. Also a blouse I gave to my sister, though I suppose I could get that back if I really wanted ;)
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Ayşe Aksu said...

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