Forced outfit

I was running late this morning.
Tried on several outfits.
Polka dot trousers Worthington - White shirt Calvin Klein -
Black cardigan INC International Concepts - Black patent flats Viascar
Grey and black stud bag Kenneth Cole Reaction 
Didn't like this one either however I had to leave, 
so I basically forced myself to wear it.

Hate it when that happens. 


Mica T said...

I hate when that happens too :(

I started planning all my outfits the evening before to make it easier for me, so I always know what I'm going to wear the next day. for a while, with baby, it was hard to try things on together first do I'd end up with things I really didn't like combined, but now I have a little more time in the evening when the toddler goes to bed early, I'm able to try things on and have less 'I hate this outfit' days. They always put me in a bad mood for the rest of the day!

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Sheila said...

That's when I wear a dress! Like Mica, I do a bunch of wardrobe planning on Sundays, then the night before I have a whack of outfits to pick from. Cute pants!

Porcelina said...

I love those trousers Lorena, they're drop-dead gorgeous!

I hate that run-out-of-time thing in the mornings, it happened to me last week and I felt frumpy all day. x

Jessica Cangiano said...

Yep, definitely. I think that even the most fashion minded of us run into it sometimes - if not all the more so because we have such a good grasp of the subject at hand and can't stand it when things don't fall into place as they should, sartorially speaking.

♥ Jessica