Old Listerine

Old Listerine bottle and an old razor from Gillette ...
As you see my love of old, vintage or antique has 
nothing to do with value.

I picked this 1970's razor on a trip to Virginia and the Listerine
bottle came via E-bay.
As you see the Listerine bottle and topper are in use and the
razor, well I found a place that sells the blades but have not ventured
there yet...

INC top - Sculpture blue trousers - Burgundy padded bag  - Christian Siriano for Payless brown pumps

This week I wanted to share with you my appreciation
of older things which ranges from a razor to old buildings.
Months back I came across a term that gave me goose bumps
it's called "planned obsolescence" which basically 
means that an item is made knowing exactly how long it will last, meaning the consumer is forced to make a purchase in a shorter period of time. 
It's something that began in the 20's and 30's - however now product life span just gets shorter and shorter !
In my mind it's just forcing yourself to make mediocre products 
knowing you can do better.
Have you noticed that guarantees are no longer "lifetime" ?
Here is a preview of the "Light Bulb Conspiracy" a short film about planned obsolescence that is not only interesting but so eye opening...

Anyways I thought it would be nice to end this week with
a 110th year celebration recently held in Livermore.
Livermore, CA celebrated on July 18th, the 110th 
birthday celebration of a lightbulb  ! 

How's that for good quality ?!


Style Journey said...

Now that Listerine bottle is cool! Thanks for sharing all your items this week.

And I love your pants today!


Qué chula la foto!! Te queda genial ese azul, muy guapa :)


drollgirl said...

um, this is weird, but i was born in livermore, ca. i guess a couple of good things have come out of livermore. lol! well, maybe just one -- the lightbulb!

and i love your top!

and i like the look of old and vintage items. many times they seem to have so much character and quirk than all of the shiny, new, disposable stuff we get today. do i sound like a grandpa yet? probably! lol

hope you have a fab weekend! :)

Anonymous said...

I saw another movie on the concept of planned obsolescence before. It's crazy, isn't it? :( It makes you realize even more how important it is to reduce, re-use, and recycle.

Carly said...

OMG..jealous of your payless CS shoes..the one near me was sold out and I didn't want to buy online w out trying...I wrote two blogposts about how amazing HIS collection was for payless..each shoe was cuter than the next!!!

Melanie said...

Thanks for sharing all of your cool vintage items! I've enjoyed seeing them.

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

Nice finds!


Anonymous said...

OOOh love the colour on you. I've been looking for a pair of bright pants or jeans, preferably pink or purple. I love how the right ones can show off your shape and be the focus of the outfit or create balance with a bright top.

The font and graphic design on the old listerine bottle is lovely, so simple but elegant.

LyddieGal said...

I love that you found a vintage listerine bottle to use - glass is so much more attractive to have hanging around your bathroom skin than plastic.

And I hate planned obsolescence. One of my least favorite things. And sadder still is that you are probably worse off if you fight it - the harder it will be to adjust when your old good thing really does die.

I can only say I'm glad I wasn't one of those people who ran out and rebought all their favorite movies on dvd to replace their vhs tapes.

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