Black trousers

I tried on 4 black trousers before choosing this high waisted pair.
Grey top Custo Barcelona - Black high waisted trousers BCX - Black patent heels Vince Camuto
Even though they are all black trousers, they're all different.
One was ankle length and faded, 
the other was waaay too tight and the other one looked 
frumpy with the tucked in . 

So, even with many choices, I only had one pair that kind of 
looked ok, I was not sold. 


Sheila said...

I love the "paper bag" waist on these! The wide leg is also super-flattering - you look tall!

Shybiker said...

Oh, yes! These are lovely. The high-waist and belt-placement are terrifically stylish.

Mica said...

Another fan of the paper bag waist here! :)

I think situations like this are why I buy multiples of items (like multiple pairs of blue skinny jeans) because you'll never find one that works perfectly with everything in your wardrobe, you want options sometimes! Of course I have too many options, that's my problem! haha!

Away From The Blue Blog

A Very Sweet Blog said...

I really like that pair on you! Looks good.

Witchcrafted Life said...

Very lovely! I think that they're fantastic on you. Paper bag waists in general can be tricky. I only own one garment (a c. 1960s skirt) in it at present and very rarely wear it (but not infrequently that I've opted to part with it yet).

♥ Jessica