Red velvet again

So here I am again trying to wear this red velvet blazer I like so much.

Red velvet blazer Covington - Jeans Zara - Yellow blouse LuckyCom - Silk on shoes flats 
However, as explained before, as much as I like it, I never wear it.

One of the things that got me thinking was a comment from a fellow
blogger where she mentioned that when it comes to blazers, she stops 
at two buttons. 

Could that be the reason I never wear this ?
As much as I like the mustard and ketchup look, 
 the jacket is going in the bag.


Sheila said...

I find jackets that have to be buttoned up all the way to fit properly are really restricting - they really only look the best when done up, and that gets boring (or constrictive!).

Kim Alston said...

That color combination could get funny, but you styled everything beautifully Lorena. Sorry to see it go :(