How to get energised..

When I am drained out the best way
to energise is by getting some good sleep.

Black and white trousers H&M - Black top DNA 
Another way is doing garden work,
planting something, just working with 
my hands.

Black flats Sam Edelman
Sitting in silence, just listening to nature is another.
Extra large barrettes H&M
And no, if you know me exercise is not one of them.

How do you get energised?


Mica said...

I really like those barrettes, so fun! :)

I agree that sleep or a nap energises me - or even just sitting resting for a moment or two!

Away From The Blue

LyddieGal said...

These color block pants are great!
I wish I had the desire to garden. I like the idea of it, but I'm just not cut out for it. I did plant tulips a couple years ago, and I'm really excited every spring when they actually come back (and this year they even multiplied!) But to paint a picture of how I looked when planting them: tweed mini dress, black knee high boots, fresh manicure I didn't want to ruin.
Chic on the Cheap

A Very Sweet Blog said...

Rest. Read a book. Go for a walk. make a smoothie.