White flowers

The white flower necklace makes an appearance.

Black dress Diane Von Furstenberg - Black patent shoes Zara - Grey bag -
 White flower necklace Forever 21
It's another of those items, that are in the back
of the drawer, one of those rarely worn.

I've been weeding this drawer too.

Now, Im' asking myself if its worth keeping.

What do you say ?
Keep or let go ?


Mica said...

That is such a pretty necklace! I think keep it, unless you aren't sure when you could wear it again, in which case it would be best to let it go :)

Away From The Blue

LyddieGal said...

It's a fun necklace, but if it's no longer your style, let it go!
I've purged so many statement necklaces lately, since I've been favoring more delicate pieces.

Witchcrafted Life said...

Keep gets my vote. Much like white flowers on a table, there are few settings where this piece wouldn't work. Plus it looks really lightweight, so it might be a great necklace to wear when traveling and you want to chic, but feel comfy at the same time.

♥ Jessica

Sheila said...

I have a necklace like that as well, and it's rarely worn. But you know, that sort of thing is handy to have, and doesn't take up much room. Keep it!