Getting rid of it

These last weeks, 
I have been doing a lot of reading on
minimalism living.

White jeans Polo Ralph Lauren - Printed pink button down shirt Talbots - Innovativi wedges
This has me looking around the house analysing what I do not use,
what I do not need.

Sunglasses Hello Kitty - Grey bag
I have been getting rid of vases, candle holders, 
pin up boards, things that are just laying around 
serving no real purpose.

Although I have no real intentions of becoming a
true minimalist, I do think that the reasoning is valid
and that there is a lot to learn.

Butterfly earrings
Just having more space is the best reward.


A Very Sweet Blog said...

I became a believer in that a couple of years ago. It's less to take care of. Do it!

Closet Fashionista said...

Yea...I definitely have a LOT of stuff I could live with out, ha ha. But I like hanging on to things

LyddieGal said...

Good for you! I know I have so much stuff I need to purge. I'm not sure why it's always such a challenge. Actually it would be great if someone else would do it - if they would say, "okay Lydia, tell me why you need this 12 year old chocolate (yes, chocolate) rose that your first boyfriend gave to you?"

Then maybe I could get rid of stuff.

Chronically Vintage said...

Agreed. The older I get, the more I take the stance, things are just things (for the most part - of course there are always important exceptions to that statement, say like treasured family photographs or one's wedding ring). Space, an uncluttered mind and home, and a sense of not being owned by your possessions are often worth so much more than trinkets on every last shelf.

♥ Jessica

*PS* Gorgeous earrings!

Sheila said...

Lol, just call me a maximalist, I guess. I like my things...but yes, I am always looking to get rid of things I don't love.