Thinking about it

As the week continues I've been
dazzled by the mere thought of 
changing jobs.

Blue skirt H&M - Printed top Poema - Black flats Vera Wang Lavender - Grey bag 
While I do love what I do, 
there's plenty to think about.


Mica said...

I think it's good if you're thinking about changing careers - you can see what not making you happy or things you would like to change in your current job, and see if you can make the changes where you are or if it's better to go somewhere new!

I bounced around a few places before I found my current role, and I'm really happy there, I wouldn't change it! (Although I know that since I've been on maternity leave there have been some massive changes..I'm reserving judgement until I've gone back and worked with the changes for a while)

Away From The Blue

LyddieGal said...

You should always be looking, seeing what is out there and what you might fancy. Of course stability is nice, but sometimes a change can be for the best.

drollgirl said...

how exciting!!!!

i would love to have a new job. actually, i would rather have money and NO JOB so that i could do what i wanted to do. i do not see that happening though!